Vendor Rules

Vendor Rules-Daily Vendors-Garage Sale Vendors

Occupancy at Folsom Blvd Flea Market (FBFM) is subject to the terms and conditions as listed in this document. A Daily Occupancy Permit is purchased from FBFM for Day Users. Occupancy is not transferrable or re-sellable. Upon payment you agree to abide by all terms and conditions. Failure to obey the terms, conditions and Vendor Rules or to obey the request of BC Enterprises, INC employees or agents shall result in the revocation of your permit or rental agreement and forfeiture of the Seller’s space and fees paid. No refunds will be issued.

General Terms and Conditions

FBFM is “Open Rain or Shine.” No Refunds or rain checks are granted.

BC Enterprises, INC reserves the right to refuse admission to any seller, to designate the selling space, to inspect all merchandise to be sold by the seller and to any person, entity or organization.

Reservations must be prepaid. Gates open at 6am. Remember, no rain checks or refunds or change in dates. Lost permits will be replaced at the additional cost of the original permit.

Sellers must use the space assigned to them. All merchandise must be displayed/inside the lines of the assigned space. Selling in the walkways and/or driveways is prohibited. Additional space used will be assessed an additional charge and subject the seller to eviction. One vehicle is allowed to be parked behind the space if designated space is available. All vendors are asked to park in the Vendor Parking Lot. The SPEED LIMIT is MAX 3 mph. BE SAFE!

Sellers are responsible for all family members and employees working in the assigned space. Children must be with their parents at all times.

Sellers must maintain a clean space and leave the space “broom clean” at the end of the day. We must work together to maintain a clean market. Return privileges will be withdrawn if “broom clean” conditions are not maintained. Be safe and be clean.

Canvas covers will not extend into the sidewalks, driveways or other vendor’s space. No nails, spikes, etc. are to be driven into the pavement. All awnings and covers must be weighted or tied down. You are responsible for damage occurring from awning and asphalt. This would include damage to neighbors and/or their merchandise or customers.

Electrical power is not supplied to outdoor spaces. Electric cords are prohibited unless provided for in your contract or permit. Generators must be approved by FBFM Management.

Produce is sold subject to management approval, with appropriate permits and in designated areas only.


The following products/services may not be sold at FBFM (without management’s written approval):

Food unless by special permit.                                 Candy and beverages unless by special permit

Animals (sold or given away)                                   Laser pointers, tattooing and body piercing

Games of chance, skill or raffles                             Firework, guns, ammunition or dangerous items

Pornographic material                                              Drug related or marijuana paraphernalia.

Merchandise that violates copyright, trademark, or intellectual property is stolen, illegal, counterfeit is not to be sold at FBFM. Vendors are responsible for all product sold. Merchandise must be authentic, legal, licensed and not offensive to children and comply with all laws and government regulations.          


Pets are not allowed unless required by law. Credit is not to be extended to FBFM employees by vendors.

Sellers shall comply with all Federal, State, County and City of Sacramento Laws, ordinances and regulations. Sellers are responsible for all sales tax collection and maintaining all required licenses. Permits must be displayed in your booth. All sellers who sell more than TWO times, during a calendar year, must have a California State Board of Equalization Resale Permit with FBFM’s address listed on the permit. The FBFM office must have a copy of this permit and the City of Sacramento Business License on file.

Sellers and employees having repeated complaints about rudeness, exchanges and/or refunds could be subject to having their right to sell withdrawn. Customer refunds and exchanges are required unless posted “No Refunds or Exchanges” in the booth. Solicitation of signatures and distribution of handbills will be made within the space(s) rented only. No contact in the walkways or driveways is permitted.

Sellers will regulate the volume of radio’s, TV’s, stereos, and other equipment so as not to interfere with those occupying adjoining spaces.

BC Enterprises, LLC purchases insurance for its own benefit. Seller agrees to comply with all insurance company requirements and not commit nor omit any act which would result in cancellation of our policy(s) or cause to have a claim filed against the policy. We recommend all vendors purchase insurance.

Seller, employees, assistants, helpers or family members agree to protect, indemnify, and to hold harmless BC Enterprises, INC and its officers directors employees and agents from and against any and all claims, arising from acts of BC Enterprises, INC or BC Enterprises, INC employees, agents or contractors, and any expense incidents to the persons, or loss of, damage to, property occurring on the hired premises or the adjoining aisles, streets or ways, barns and growing out of or connected with the sellers’, employees,’ assistants’, helpers’, or family members’ use and occupation of the premise.

BC Enterprises, INC will not be responsible or liable to seller for any loss or damage that may result to seller or his property or his property from water, fire, explosion, theft, willful or negligent act of BC Enterprises, INC or its officers, agents, employees or from any other source or cause whatsoever.


Thanks for your cooperation and have a great day selling.

“Open Rain or Shine”

Folsom Blvd Flea Market                    

8521 Folsom Blvd.

Sacramento, CA 95826

shopper strolling the aisles at the flea market
bins overflowing with peppers, tomatoes and other flea market vegetables
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For more information, call:
(916) 383-0880 phone
(916) 383-0950 fax


Market Hours
Sat. & Sun., 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Vendor Hours
Sat. & Sun., 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
(all vendors must be open by 7:30 a.m.)

Office Hours
Thurs, & Fri 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Sat. & Sun., 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Market Address
8521 Folsom Boulevard
Sacramento, California 95826

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Open Rain or Shine